We the Decent

A slow-to-built thriller and a wild ride.

Publisher: River and Knowles
Publication Date: May 2022
Language: English
Print Length: 243 pages
Format: EPUB

The coffee shop known as Twelfth House is located four blocks west of Evanston’s lakefront, but the Broken never patronize the place. Dismissing the Fear, Christian Belcamp — a California transplant — is in search of a dark roast and a clean slate when he comes across the unmarked storefront.

Hours before, he was witness to a dream he would not remember until months later when Grace Fielding, a seductive innocent, entices Professor Belcamp to meet her at the revetment. She’s betrayed her brother in search of the one, but every loyalty will be tested when a subliminal plot to divide family, friends, and a nation erupts.

Readers who enjoy dense storylines and unusual plot structures will appreciate this slow-to-build thriller with a speculative undercurrent. Find the playlist here.