The Renaissance Garden Guy Guest Feature

The Renaissance Garden Guy Guest Post

Photo Credit: George on Pixabay

This afternoon I had the pleasure of watching a squirrel nibble a black walnut. He wasn’t desperate for a meal or a snack. Rather, he took his time and enjoyed the process abut a gorgeous afternoon. His tail curled in perfect form, I watched him and thought, “Everything he needs is in that tree.” For a brief moment, I thought trading places with him — even for a day — would be a glorious escape.

But we’re human beings. Connections ground us in that reality. And fortunes can change suddenly.

My fortune changed for the better when I offered to gift a story to a friend on social media. You, dear readers, may know John Stamos as The Renaissance Garden Guy. An exceptional writer — truly — and all around great guy, John was gracious enough to publish one of my short stories on his website today. I can’t thank him enough for the opportunity and especially for his kind and generous words. They mean so much.

If you are not a subscriber to his garden adventures, book reviews and delightful guest features, please do sign up for his newsletter. Be sure to follow him on Twitter. And afterward, please enjoy a short story I wrote especially for his incredible website.

Ladies and Gentlemen? The Marfan Man.