Rudy’s Mixed Tapes

Rudy's Mixed Tapes

Rudy’s Mixed Tapes

If you haven’t yet read my latest novel, We the Decent, you can still enjoy Rudy’s mixed tapes. I won’t spoil the book, but Rudy Hernandez is one of my favorite characters. He’s the guy you want to root for, but that’s the only spoiler you’re getting here.

When Rudy presents Grace Fielding with a mix of what he thinks she’ll like, these are the songs that came to mind. When Christian hears an old favorite in Twelfth House, see if you can pick out what would play if you stumbled into an underground world.

And since the novel takes place in Evanston, the playlist begins with a Chicago band, The Buckinghams.

Like the playlist on Spotify. Grab your We the Decent playlist here.

Christian’s Mixed Tapes

Christian Belcamp’s favorites are not on vinyl but CDs. Enjoy.

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