We the Decent: The eBook


The SANND box is out there. 

Look Inside

The suave Professor Christian Belcamp is in search of an emergency dark roast and a clean slate when he comes across what he assumes is an unmarked storefront hours after moving into town. The last person he expects to see that afternoon is Gavin Fielding — Christian’s former UCSB roommate and now off Big Data’s grid, an encounter that stirs up painful memories and one very bitter resentment. 

The SANND box is out there, Christian thinks. 

He doesn’t remember the sensual connection he shared with Gavin’s little sister in the darkest hours before sunrise — a seductive mystery Christian finds impossible to resist.

The SANND box is out there. Christian is convinced. 

Defiance, though, lies beneath the obvious. Simmering. Dangerous. Covert. 

Where do loyalties lie when a subliminal plot unfolds, backfires — and erupts? 

Provocative and timely, We the Decent is a smoldering work of fiction you will not want to miss. 

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Publisher: River and Knowles
Published: May 2022
Language: English
Print Length: 288 pages
Format: PDF
Genres: Speculative Fiction, TechnoThriller, Romantic Suspense


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