We the Decent eBook


A seductive thriller. 

Look Inside

The coffee shop known as Twelfth House is located four blocks west of Evanston’s lakefront, but the Broken never patronize the place. Dismissing the Fear, Christian Belcamp — a California transplant — is in search of a dark roast and a clean slate when he comes across the unmarked storefront.

Hours before, he was witness to a dream he would not remember until months later when Grace Fielding, a seductive innocent, entices Professor Belcamp to meet her at the revetment. She’s betrayed her brother in search of the one, but every loyalty will be tested when a subliminal plot to divide family, friends, and a nation erupts.

Readers who enjoy dense storylines and unusual plot structures will appreciate this slow-to-build thriller with a speculative undercurrent. Find the playlist here.



Publisher: River and Knowles
Published: May 2022
Language: English
Print Length: 288 pages
Format: PDF
Genre: Speculative Fiction, Thriller, Romance


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