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There would be no formal goodbye between Leo and I but rather a conveyed look of longing, reminiscent of some bygone era. He gave a gentle squeeze to my fingers before releasing them and disappearing down a museum corridor, a gentle touch as if to convey one parting word — remember.

We had one chance left — one chance granted to right a tragic wrong.

A parallel romance haunts this novel of love, history, and portents.

“The secret love story of Orlando and Angeline evokes a satisfying sense of destiny.” — Booklife

“A gorgeous tale of enduring love meant to be savored.” — The Book’s Delights


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Publisher: River and Knowles
Language: English
eBook: 257 pages
ISBN: 978-0-578-79829-5
ISBN: 978-0-578-78493-9
Format: EPUB


Chicagoan Angeni Braum shutters her business after twenty successful years and takes an entry-level administrative position at a natural history museum. There, she meets Argentina’s chief paleontologist, Dr. Leonardo Díaz, in town for the public unveiling of the world’s largest dinosaur.

Disheartened by his cryptic departure, she is surprised when, two months later, he entices her south of the pampas under the guise of needing an Administrative Liaison for his Museo’s Visiting Scientist Program. Enamored with the idea of him, she readily accepts the temporary position.

What she’s ill-prepared for, though, are the letters he presents upon her arrival, a box he’d found beneath the floorboards, evidence of a previous expedition dating back to the First World War, a time capsule never intended to be found but for one.

Evocative and compelling, Haunting Patagonia is a must-read for lovers of 20th Century Historical Fiction and those who savor a sensuous undercurrent of magical realism in the South American tradition.


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