Chapter One

Haunting Patagonia, A Novel of Passages & Echos

Haunting Patagonia, A Novel of Passages & Echos was launched on National Fossil Day since the book is partly centered around a recent paleontological find. Anything but genre-specific, there is a hint of alternate history simmering below the obvious. And no, ‘echos’ is not a typographical error but rather an antiquated version chosen for nuance. Yes, there are numerous clues disguised as name drops peppered throughout the opening pages. Connect the dots, if you’re so inclined.

Recently described as a curious blend of Edith Wharton meets Indiana Jones, readers with a penchant for magical realism, the esoteric, and understated romance should enjoy the story, written for a pleasant weekend with a paperback and nothing more.

For added ambiance, remember the playlist. The link available on this site.

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