An Author’s Prologue

Born during a ferocious Chicago blizzard, my parents slid home from the hospital in the green Oldsmobile, navigating icy roads, their second daughter swaddled in a crocheted blanket. Unaware of the wintry winds that blew, I’m sure I fussed with a bottle while in my mother’s lap, plotting my first story — no doubt.

Only eighteen months would pass until my fingers graced a keyboard comprised of eighty-eight ivory keys, which was a prelude to the manual typewriter I would soon prefer. A Fender J bass became my instrument of choice in later years.

Always a writer, I am a classically trained musician, residing north of the city with a rather odd assortment of guitar picks and pens. Haunting Patagonia, A Novel of Passages & Echos is my esoteric debut. As for my second novel, a work of speculative fiction and understated romance? Stay tuned . . .